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Corporate Services
for Foreign Investors

We have a wide portfolio of services and legal advice for foreign investors who need corporate services in Mexico.

corporate law for foreign investors

Corporate Law

  • Advice to national and foreign investors on their operations in Mexico.
  • Preparation and advice on the execution of civil and commercial agreements, including those related to the acquisition and sale of businesses and companies, mergers, or joint ventures.
  • Minutes of shareholders' meetings and board meetings, bylaws, mergers, consolidations, splits, transformations, or restructurings, and granting of powers of attorney.
  • Advice and implementation of strategic alliances.
  • Advice on foreign investments, negotiation and structuring of companies and neutral investment.
  • National Investment Commission and National Registry of Foreign Investments.
  • Incorporation of companies, opening of branches and subsidiary companies, representative offices, and permanent establishments, including the processing of permits before the Ministry of Economy for the incorporation of companies, change of name or company name and transformations.
  • Rights of shareholders and actions of the board or executives.
  • Preparation and updating of company books and records.
  • Procedures for dissolution, liquidation, spin-off and restructuring of companies.
  • Processing before notaries and public brokers for the formalization of operations and protocolization of minutes.
  • Analysis and support in obtaining authorizations, permits and licenses because of the conclusion of contracts.
  • Legal due diligence.
  • Corporate consulting.
immigration law for foreign investors

Immigration Law

  • Changes in immigration status.
  • Changes in nationality, marital status, address, or activities.
  • Legalization of documents.
  • Work permits.
  • Processing of authorizations to obtain temporary and permanent residence in Mexico.
  • Processing of authorizations for the admission of different foreigners to work, invest, study, provide technical advice, hold business talks or live under the economic dependence of family members.
  • Obtaining Mexican nationality.
  • Authorization for foreigners to attend Council Meetings or Assemblies.
  • Apostille of documents.
payroll law for foreign investors

Payroll Management

  • Payroll Management.
  • Calculation and payment of payroll, taxes, overtime, commissions, vacations, Christmas bonus and severance.
  • Additions to, deletions from and changes in the payroll system.
  • Capturing of incidences (earnings and deductions).
  • Payroll calculation (earnings, deductions, bonuses, premiums, income tax, IMSS (Mexican Social Security Institute), etc.)
  • Calculation of Indemnities, Christmas bonuses, Special Payrolls for special payments, settlements, and severances.
  • Drafting of Individual Employment Agreements.
  • Generation of files for Payroll Distribution by a Bank.
  • Timely issuance of payrolls to the Tax Administration Service and filing of Digital Tax Receipts.
  • Filing of certificates.
  • Preliminary annual income tax calculation and adjustment.
  • Filing of risk premium statement.
  • Annual filing of wages and salaries return.
  • Preparation of resignations and personnel severance documentation.
  • Earnings and deductions certificates.
  • Report with comprehensive information, salary, and salary tax credit disclosure statement.
  • Reporting of changes before the Mexican Social Security Institute.
  • Generation of stamped digital tax receipts for payroll per person.
  • Preparation of employee records for every person hired.
  • Management of economic resources for payment of salaries and other work benefits to the personnel.
  • Management, withholding and payment of economic resources to cover taxes and social security contributions to be paid in terms of the law.
tax law for foreign investors

Tax Law

  • Design and implementation of tax planning adapted to each client’s needs.
  • Assistance and advice on audits performed by the tax authorities.
  • Tax analysis of mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, company reorganizations, leasing, asset sales, project financing, joint ventures, and workers' compensation packages.
  • Advice to legal persons for non-profit purposes.
  • Legal audits on comprehensive tax matters.
  • Litigation in all its instances, before the fiscal, administrative, and judicial authorities, be they federal, state or municipal. (Appeal for Revocation, Contentious Administrative Trial and Direct and Indirect Amparo trial).
  • Tax defense against the imposition of fines and determination of tax credits, surcharges and updating.
  • Tax consulting.